Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Writing for Whom

* Sometimes, okay everyday, when I start to write I encounter a demon who says
"WHat does it matter whether you write or not. You get nothing out of it and those who read it might get a chuckle but they could get that from the comics or the horoscope. Your writings are trivial, forgotten in minutes." The demon is good at what he does and what he does is try to stop me.
* Many days he wins. I stop and worse I make excuses: I need to go here and do that and I guess the Muse is not with me and I am not in the mood and I just can't. . .
In the end, it comes to a simple conclusion - whether or not I wrote. Today I write, yesterday I wrote, the days before that I did not. End of story. The reasons are just unnecessary brain workings to explain why. I am beginning to grasp that.
* I was surfing in the kitchen (because that is where my board (computer) is) yesterday when I came upon some comments someone left on a YouTube posting. The person was thanking the poster for making his day presumably due to the video being there. I began to think what if. What if my writings could make someones day or week or life. What if the things I say in my writings could help someone, then I guess it would be worth it. We are in this together - what helps one helps us all.


butterfly woman said...

When you write from your heart and soul, you do make a difference in one's life whether daily, weekly or monthly. You make me laugh, cry and sometimes do a double-take with what you write. Though you may not always be acknowledged for what you say, on some deep level it soaks into our lives and leaves a memory. Your writing matters, you matter!Put your brain to rest, my dear tao master!

dmSoulsearcher said...

Frank, it is clear to me that you have no idea how your writing, as well as your willingness to write, makes an impact on this fellow struggling-to-write(r.) I check for something every day (well, except for when I am not by a computer.) When there is nothing there, I feel as if I am missing out on something. But when there IS something, AHH, it always refreshes me. Sounds like the demon voices of negativity have been hard at work and you give them much too much credence! I've always enjoyed and been moved by what you've written. Take heart! Keep writing!

Lin said...

The demon wins when you question yourself and your writing. That's why it is a demon. Your writing does matter, otherwise we would not be checking in and making comments. We like your writing and I, for one, get a lot out of your stories, thoughts, and writings. All of us question why we do this and should we do this, and I once said I needed the visitor count to go up just so I know someone is out there. Send your signal to the world, Frank--we are listening!!

Lin said...

Oh, yeah--I like the new look to the blog!

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