Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 7 - the Blahs are attacking (and winning)

There comes a time in every creative process where the thrill of making something gives way to the what-hell-am-I-doing thoughts and when that happens - the creative process enters the dreaded BLAH region of the soul. I am currently there. Yesterday, I decided to be a good christian and take a day off. It was after all, the day of the weekend when we are supposed to take some time off and reflect upon ourselves and what is the meaning of it all. I, however do that everyday so I decided to just take time off. I watched baseball (Sox, I think) but was so bored I went on the internet and that was boring so I decided to go for a walk. That was pretty good but the great insight I got out of it was that I was out of shape. How did this happen, I thought, as I reached for my candy bars to snack on. Still I was bored, so I decided to go to the store and get some more cheap back to school stuff. So I went to Staples and bought 2 pencil boxes (limit 2) at a penny each. Yes, I stood in line feeling stupid giving the clerk a nickel and holding my hand out for the change. I guess Staples figured no one would do this but they have not counted on me. I might go there today to get two more. Sale is this whole week. Then I went to Walgreen's and bought some little memo pads at 8 for a dollar (limit 16). (and two candy bars). That whole experience left me breathless, so I went back home and ate dinner. I sat on the couch and watched TV but anything over 4 minutes long tends to bore me. So I went back to the internet and there was nothing but boring things there AND WORST OF ALL - there were no new posts by any of us fledgling writers - so now I was totally bored.
I went to sleep bored and I woke up bored. I logged on to the computer hoping for some good news but there was none - just boring news. Now I am writing this and I had the blahs to start but now I do not.
so the moral of the story is - WRITING CURES THE BLAHS. 
I do not know how it does it but it does. At least for me. Today. At least until I stop writing.
Later Writers and Writerettes,

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Soulsearcher said...

Well, I haven't been bored with the new grandson and our trip to Washington, etc. But, now that vacation is over I'm sure I will be soon, except for the Olympics, maybe. But even if I am not bored, I don't want you to be either, Frank. So I will try to post something soon so that you will have something to read if you go online.

By the way, I discovered Paulo Coehlo while on vacation. Are you familiar with his writing?

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