Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Two - Special Little Gifts

Today I am focusing on enjoying some of the things that I acquired last week. We have moved into that part of the retailers calendar called Pre-Back to School Sales. In the pre-back to school sale time, one can acquire all kinds of writing materials for very little money. I do not have a school get list, so I can pick and choose whatever I want. The unfortunate part is one has to get to the store in the first two hours of the sale or the teaser item is gone. I found that out in two places - WalMart (5 cent 70 page notebooks) and Walgreens (5 cent mini-note pads).
It seems that stores are trying to entice you, the shopper, to do all your school shopping in one place. So they get you there by having an item or two for outrageously low prices. I bought 20 paper file folders for a penny each (Office Depot) and 20 70 page notebboks for 10 cents each at Walts grocery store, (my big splurge). I got 5 mechanical pencils for a penny each at Walgreens and I got filler paper for a quarter each (Staples) - I am still waiting for Target's sale to get pens and perhaps more notebooks.
The point is that these little sales came at a time when I decided to things -1) to face life with a positive attitiude and 2) dedicate myself to writing the stuff that is in my heart.
When I made these two steps, the 'real' world came out with its little sales and I take that as a sign that the universe supoprts me and is giving me little gifts as a token of good will.
I say thank you world - I will accept them. Now if you will excuse me I am going to use my 25 cent crayons to do a little drawing.

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Soulsearcher said...

Shopping for school supplies is still one of my favorite things to do. I don't find sales as good as yours, though I did find 70 page spiral notebooks at Target the last two years for 10 cents each--twice your sale price. Have fun with the crayons--was it a 24 pack? I think I got mine for the same price at Wal Mart, but I really wanted the box of 96. Maybe next time.

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