Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day One

Toady is the start of what I hope will be my 30 day program to a new and better life. Of course, I am using a book for inspiration. This book is called "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting". Its main point is using something called : The Law of Attraction. To summarize the book and the law, what you attract in life will be how you are. You might be saying 'Huh" right now SO I will explain. If I am feeling negative (crabby), I will attract things that make me crabby. If I am feeling loving, I will attract things that melt my heart. This principle is the basis for the bestselling book THE SECRET. Everyone who has got this principle to work - you guessed it - they swear it works. But what about me ?
I bought "Excuse ME" several years ago in Vermont because I was feeling wonderful about seeing the youth (and their enthusiasm) of Burlington Vermont. I was feeling good and I wanted to get something to keep that feeling, a reminder of sorts (some people call these souvenirs). Being the nerd I am and was I went into a local bookstore and found several 'neat' books that I had never seen before. I scanned them and decided (because I was of course on a budget) that I could only get one - so I bought Excuse ME. And promptly, never read it. Cover to cover that is. I have read bits and pieces, every now and then but for some reason the message was too much for me.
But now I have decided to put the message in action. No more negativity. I am only going to cultivate positive feelings and positive results. Starting today.
What does this mean to you ? Well for one thing, no matter how bad you write or how bad your subject matter is, I will only tell you what is good about your essays. and if I win the lotto I will continue to teach (?) writing positively. I will continue to share my gift (?) with the world.
So if you have any winning lotto tickets lying around the house please send them to me in care of the Center in Palos Heights. Put them in a plain envelope and mark the outside with the words
Thank you for listening,
P.S. Keep Writing.

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Soulsearcher said...

Okay, so I read your day 4 piece before reading days 3, 2 and 1. Is it my fault that the new essays are shown at the top and I tend to read them first? I say this because after reading on I see that you are indeed familiar with THE SECRET! I don't buy everything this book has to say (like healing my bad eyes by thinking them healthy) but I do like the basic premise. Thinking positive is good. A good book about staying in the moment is AWARENESS by Anthony de Mello. It is a classic spiritual book and it has helped me with staying focused.
I'm glad you will continue journeying with us fellow writers!

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