Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 8 and 9 - regression

Yesterday, on day 8, I became very involved with organizing my files (stories and essays) and I found an old piece of art (?) that I was going to put in the original booklet. I still like it so I made it the heading on the Want-to-be-writer blog. I also got a lot of organizing done but I found that I ran out of time so I did not post anything on the blog (here).
That is my excuse for yessterday and now I am dealing with today's stuff - more later.
And now - this is later. I am sitting in the sauna (otherwise known as the kitchen otherwise kown as my workspace). I have a lot of garbage goiong on in my head - even more than normal (which is a lot) The past couple of days I decided to put a couple of books I got from the library to use. Actually, they are not books but a CD and A DVD. The DVD is about Reiki attunements and how to do them. This is nothing new for me but for some reason I decided to extend the attunement beyond the seven main chakras (on myself of course). My theory being if I can survive this then maybe I will try it again (and become a supeer-person of course). So I used the attumement technique on my 8th, 9th, and 10th chaakras (they are all located above the head). I had to stop at the 10 th because it opened up something and I began to 'see' non-ordinary stuff (ordinary stuff being the things you might see in a normal day such as trees, cars, people. . . etc) (non-ordinary stuff can be auras, energy bodies, messages from your highter self, and of course angels) Needless to say, this makes for unexpected awareness and makes doing ordinary stuff nearly impossible. But luckily I did this at night and eventually I fell asleep. The last two nights I have been trying to use the CD which is a past life regression with angels (with Doreen Virtue doing the guiding meditation). That was even worse - I must have taken a wrong turn on my regression bccause I went somewhere scary. But I felt something release so it must have been worth it. So I decided to do it again last night - and this was much better. I asked to see if I knew Beverly in any other past lifes and I saw at least three major ones. One in which we were childhood buddies, one in which our current roles were reversed (Bev=man, Frank=woman), and one in which we were similiar to how we are now. There also was flashes from several other lifetimes, so I guess Bev and I have a history together . You would think we would have learned our lessons by now.


Lin said...

I, too, share the dilemma of finding things to write about with a daily blog. I find myself taking the weekend off as I don't get much time on the computer then, so that pushes me during the week. On those slow days, I turn to photos in storage for inspiration and that helps a lot. Especially those older ones that I have forgotten to write about. Sometimes, I just post a photo. Either way, it is a post and it counts.

I am back, somewhat, from vacation. Although my brain isn't. Thanks for the kind words while I was gone! Did I earn any A+++? :)

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