Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whether or Weather - Which Witch with Wits

The room was unusually crowded. The anticipatory noise was off the charts. It seemed as if every member of the group had invited three friends and they all had come with another friend. Extra chairs were brought in but even those had run out. Some volunteered to sit on the floor but the size of the crowd discouraged that as there had to be room for the ceremonial altar. I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to be seated in the first row. There would be no leaving early from that seat.
Normally, the spring solstice ceremony, which this was, was attended by the faithful members of the group and one or two curious non-members who wondered what was happening and were brave enough to check it out. I fit into the later category I had stopped in the new age store because I wanted to buy some incense. The store was filled with people, some dressed in costumes. They seemed to be waiting for something. I asked a young lady dressed in a middle ages type dress what was going on.
She said her name was Hespabah or Hespbah or something that I still can’t pronounce. Hes, as I will call her from now on, was a rather comely fair maiden who loved to talk and I must admit I liked talking to her even though she did ninety-five percent of the talking. She explained that today was the spring equinox and there was going to be ceremony and it was a happy ceremony and I would like it and I could have a wish come true if I went to the ceremony. At that moment in time, I could only think of one wish I wanted to come true so I decided to attend the ceremony.
At that moment, the door to the meeting room opened and a woman dressed totally in black stepped out. She calmly proclaimed: “It is time. Come inside.”
Hes grabbed my hand and said, “Quick, we have to go or we will not get a seat.” I followed along caught up in the moment. As we came to the doorway, the woman in black greeted us.
“Welcome Hespaba, good to see you. “ The two women hugged. The woman in black then turned to me. “Who do we have here? “ Hes answered for me.
“This is my new friend, Jack. Jack, this is . . .” The woman in black finished the introduction. “Deidre.” I did not know what was the proper greeting - should I shake her hand, give her a hug, or just nod my head. Before I could make up my mind, Deidre grabbed me by the back of my head, made a waving motion with her hands, and kissed me on my forehead. She let go and said “Now you are ready.” She motioned with her hands toward the room. “Enter Hespaba and Jack. Sit in front.”
Hes was very excited. “Wow, this is great - I have never sat in front before.” She pulled me by my hand to a couple of seats in the first row, just to the right of center. I was a little bit in shock. I had not expected Dreidre to do what she did and she did do something because I was in a bit of a haze. In spite of my haze, I managed to ask Hes who Deidre was.
“She is the high priestess of the coven.’ replied Hes proudly. “She will be one of the Two running the ceremony tonight.”
“Who’s the other ?” I asked. I was wondering if I had to be kissed by another priestess.
“Mark Darklight.” whispered Hes. “I don’t like him. He has weird eyes.”
“Is he here somewhere ?” I asked. I was wondering if I had to be kissed by Mark.
“Oh, no.” Hes said still whispering, “He comes in after the start and takes over for Deidre.” She glanced around as if she was making sure no one was listening in. “Tonight is going to be different. Tonight, Deidre is going to stand up for herself. She is not going to let Mark push her around anymore.”
It was at that point that I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. Hes kept talking. She told me of how Deidre and Mark met, how Mark had made her his apprentice, how Mark had seduced Deidre and how for two years Deidre had stood at Mark’s side as he grew in magic and fame (? I wondered if there was a witch subculture and just how famous Mark was.) I wondered if Deidre had somehow marked me and I wondered if Mark was going to be jealous and I was about to wonder what curse would be laid upon me when. . . . I noticed the quiet.

The rest of the story will be revealed in class tonight - Frank


Soulsearcher said...

Is this just a teaser so that people will come to class tonight? Hmm...pretty slick trick, Frank. Unfortunately, I can't be there because I have to pick up my son from O'Hare airport. PLEASE post the rest of the story when you have a chance.

Soulsearcher said...
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Soulsearcher said...

The second post was just a duplicate. I've figured out the problem--the delay in the computer. I guess I'm too impatient.

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