Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A whole new day

It has been over a year since I last posted on this blog. Part of the reason for ceasing my blog was my desire to be heard. I felt that I was not being heard here and so I stopped. Plus, there was a lot of crazy stuff going on in my life (not that there isn't any now but somehow I was hoping to use this place to start anew).

In starting a new daily routine here, (I hope I can keep this up), the goal is to work on my craft and to state my message all at the same time. So of course, this will be a

work in progress.

I feel a need to emphasize that. Not so much for you the reader, but rather for myself because I never give myself the benefit of not knowing. I always think that I should know what it is that I am doing. In creative writing, there is the fact that if you know what you are doing then you are not being creative.
I wanted to underline that statement but I could not find the underline button. Oh well.

[If you bother to read the previous posts you will find that I liked to think that I knew what I was talking about. (Personally, most men that like sports are that way, I think). In the last post, I stated that none of the free three big agents were going to go to New York. That turned out to be true but New York did get three stars - Stat, Melo, & Chauncey. They just did not get the three stars who went to Miami. The real reason I was upset with the idea of the stars going to New York had nothing to do with basketball at all. I did not like the arrogance of New Yorkers thinking that there is no other place in the world anyone with a logic mind would choose over New York City. I also do not like the arrogance of Texans who think that their state is the world.]

Now back to the big topic - Spirituality (as defined by me).

(I wanted to make that title stand out a bit but I do not know if it is as flashy as a neon sign, oh well.)

Spirit is the indescribable nature of our soul. We know when we have it, by gauging our energy and joy. When know when we don't have it simply by not feeling as joyous or energetic. Spirit moves in any direction that we move ourselves in. Towards love or towards hate. Spirit flows with us.

But how do we gain or lose spirit ? The answer is quite simple. It is in our attitude towards what it is that we are doing (or our attitude towards the direction that we are going in). If we don't like what we are doing then we will begin to feel less energetic. If we like what we are doing then we will feel energized. (Employers take note: an employee who likes his job, will do more and better work.)

For me, my work is writing (I hope). The problem with writing for me is my attitude. Previously, my attitude has been all or nothing. I wanted success or I was not going to bother. Add to this attitude, my fear of failure and you will get why I am not a world famous author (I have never submitted anything for publishing other than two online things - one succeeded, the other did not - that was enough to stop me in my tracks).

I now hope to make some changes to my attitude (with regards to writing).

I want to try everyday. I do not care if it succeeds or if it fails because each piece makes me better.
I am not afraid to try. I am not afraid to succeed. I am not afraid to fail. Enough said for now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A not too well recieved poem

I wrote this poem and posted it to a online writing community and got Luke Warm comments.
If you read this please tell me what you think (or feel) about it.

PUNK, You ate Shun !

Said the Dude venting his spleen,
‘cept his spleen turned out to be . . .mine (gut reaction saved me almost;
Thus my colon became a semi-colon).
His weapon of words pierced my armor, jabbed at the heart of my messy message disguised as a poem - No Rhyme, No Reason, No thing worthy of placing my eyesight upon it - he continued believing in his vicious victory and was taken
both a back and off guard by my rapicious retort: (Ye of faire stomach should cease perusing here)

“I neither play by the rules invented by men long dead
nor by those secluded deluded fool-uded fellows you hold in good stead.
My rules are not what you could follow since they come from a dark place in my head.

There is but one objective in these lines of mine
never to reason, never to rhyme, if these commit the crime
of placing proper-ness over passion, sense over sensation, and/or method over message.

The power of the poet is touching the untouchable
putting words to silence
and piercing the heart of unknown readers
who thought they knew what they knew,
(little did they know it wasn’t so)

So back get ye to the nether regions of the page
dark upon the shelve - gather your dust -
I claim my spot among your memory cells.
You might not like it but it you will not forget.”

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Rebuttal to the Previous Post (from ELF)

This is a rebuttal to the previous post about the origin of Santa. Speaking on behalf of ELF (Enslaved Labor Force) is Ebenezer Grinchmouse III.

Hi kids. My name is Ebenezer Grinchmouse III. My friends call me. . .hmm, It seems I don't have any friends, but in any case you can call me, Big Brother.
As your big Brother, I look out for you. You can count on me to tell you what to do, when to do it and how much you owe me for that service.

Recently this blog posted a pack of lies about a mythical character called Santa. Santa is corporate entity formed from the merger of the Claus Company (maker of hard to read fine print details) and the Santa consortium (Sissies Against Neighborhood Theater Associations). He does not exist. He is a figurehead used by the Parent Teacher Alliance (PTA) to keep you kids in line. They bribe you with toys in order to make you behave - I think that is a good idea. What I object to is the use of ELFs to make these toys.
ELFs are the enslaved labor forces commonly known as parents. They are forced to work at menial, thankless jobs throughout the year in order to pay for your toys. You think Santa gives these toys away ? Just for the fun of it ? No, money does not grow on trees (not yet at least, genetic research is working on that one). Santa charges 10% per month in interest and colossal late fees And do you know why ? To keep the Parents in line, so they have to keep working in order to keep the toys coming which seems to be the only thing that make you kids happy.
I hope you are happy.
There is a way to change things.
If each one of you kids would go up to your parents and say :
Mom, Dad, I don't want you to work at crummy jobs just so I can have a Transformer Barbie doll. I want you to have a happy life too. So I will give back all my toys and you can get store credit to buy yourself something nice. I will be happy playing with my pet lump of coal.

Do this kids and your parents will love you truly and they will stop trying to buy your love with material objects and Santa Corp. will go out of business and parents will be free.

Thank you and goodnight.

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