Thursday, January 8, 2009

A not too well recieved poem

I wrote this poem and posted it to a online writing community and got Luke Warm comments.
If you read this please tell me what you think (or feel) about it.

PUNK, You ate Shun !

Said the Dude venting his spleen,
‘cept his spleen turned out to be . . .mine (gut reaction saved me almost;
Thus my colon became a semi-colon).
His weapon of words pierced my armor, jabbed at the heart of my messy message disguised as a poem - No Rhyme, No Reason, No thing worthy of placing my eyesight upon it - he continued believing in his vicious victory and was taken
both a back and off guard by my rapicious retort: (Ye of faire stomach should cease perusing here)

“I neither play by the rules invented by men long dead
nor by those secluded deluded fool-uded fellows you hold in good stead.
My rules are not what you could follow since they come from a dark place in my head.

There is but one objective in these lines of mine
never to reason, never to rhyme, if these commit the crime
of placing proper-ness over passion, sense over sensation, and/or method over message.

The power of the poet is touching the untouchable
putting words to silence
and piercing the heart of unknown readers
who thought they knew what they knew,
(little did they know it wasn’t so)

So back get ye to the nether regions of the page
dark upon the shelve - gather your dust -
I claim my spot among your memory cells.
You might not like it but it you will not forget.”

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