Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lazerus and the Anti-Bob Vila

Yes, I am back from the dead and yes I probably mis-spelled the title character's name. I have been slaving away at making art creations look okay for the past two weeks. And yes, it nearly killed me but now I am back from the writing dead. I have been released from the zombie-like existence of not writing creatively. I have the anti-christ (I mean the anti-Bob Vila) to thank for it.
I was watching the Olympics, closing ceremonies, when a commercial or two came on. Doing what most people do, I changed the channel. And there HE was the Anti-BOB VILA god - Ty Pennington.
You may wonder why I think Mr. Pennington is the Anti-BOB so I will explain. First of all, Bob Vila is christlike because he helps others help themselves. He showed the way to home improvement.
Ty Pennington is the opposite. He says: I'll do it for you because you'll never get it right and you'll never have the means to do it yourself. You are hopeless and you need ME - Ty Pennington, the anti-Bob. Worship me and I will give you thiings like a new house. Everyone knows you need material things to make you happy.
Yes, Ty Pennington is the great deciever.
I also know I am weak. If Ty came to my humble doorstep and said You need a new house to help you write. I will give you one. I probably would accept but I know in my heart I don't need a new house to write - I need something to spur me into action, something like the gospel according to the anti-BOB ( the Ty Pennington show). So I thank Ty Pennington for bringing back from the unwriting dead.
Now I have to go watch rhythm gymnastics (I have it taped).


Lin said...

Frank, I never pictured you as enjoying ribbon dancing. Hmmmm....

I think Ty Pennington is a reflection of today's society. You know--we don't want to do things ourselves, like the old days--we want someone to do it for us. That's where Bob exits and Ty comes in. Bob used to encourage us to do things for ourselves--"Here's how to......."

Me? I love Bob. But then again, I just spent a whole weekend siding the front of our house.

Enjoy the string tossing!

Soulsearcher said...

I was pleasantly surprised to see you posting again! I have no opinion of Ty Pennington because, believe it or not, I have never watched the show. But I am glad that he inspired you to post on your blog. Hope the inspiration lasts and you continue to write. You will need material to share at the upcoming classes next week!

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