Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing Doing

Normally, I do not take cartoons off the internet to use in my blog but this one shows the mood I am in right now. (and it is in color) So buy this guy's cartoons (so I can ease my conscience of its guilt).
I have a couple of hours to write today and I thought I would get back to my novel (at this point it looks like a novella) so naturally I decided to write on my blog instead.
I have been a bit (only a bit ?) on the multiple personality side, these days moving back and forth from this positive, jokey blog which everyone (in my mind) likes to my serious spiritual blog which next to no one reads (thank God). But I have not been getting much writing done - I have my ideas all in a row and ready to go but it is at this point that any and everything in life seems interesting, exciting, and hey you know what I think I will make myself a sausage McMuffin. . . .Yum that was good. Now on to some writing - that is after I finish up writing this little ditty. I have already finished the suduku so it is either watch Jerry Springer or do some novel writing. Hmm I wonder what to do.
Oh well, until next time - call me stuck at 15000 and holding.


Soulsearcher said...

I'm in the same place you are, Frank. Take time to enjoy the holidays.

Your "next to no one" friend,

cardiogirl said...

That's *always* the way with me.

Suddenly scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush seems really pressing when I sit down to work on my book in progress. Although I do tend to ramble -- I'm sure you didn't notice -- and I do have 73,000 words according to Microsoft Word.

How many of those words are useful and necessary? That's up for discussion.

butterfly woman said...

At least you're thinking of writing your novella and I think the blogs help keep you in writing practice. I feel you can take snippets from your blogs and make another "short story". Baby steps, maybe?
I am another next to no one reader. I personally like your deeper spiritual blog. And I think we all have tinges of multiple personalities, makes interactions with others sooooo much more interesting.

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